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Experience the difference at BaroSolutions with our science based weight loss programs with personalized attention. Our weight loss programs are actively managed by our professional weight loss coaches who have extensive nutritional and weight loss experience.The weight loss doctors in dallas, texas are available to assess your physical condition, and help create a strategy to deal with the stubborn fats that have accumulated in specific areas.We’re with you every step of the way to make sure you reach your goal!

BaroSolutions also carries our own brand of weight loss supplements to aid in natural fast weight loss after the approval of Weight loss doctor Dallas, texas. Ranging from craving reducers to maximum strength fat burners, BaroSolutions weight loss supplements can help you reach your weight loss goals dallas texas.

BaroSolutions has weight loss clinics with trained weight loss doctors all over the United States, and Canada, so be sure to check our locations page to find a wellness and weight loss clinic nearest you.

BioNutritional Profile

No Two People Are the Same. Why should their weight loss be?

Over a decade of research by physicians, nutritionists, dieticians and behavioral scientists has gone into developing a break-through method of finding out why you have not been able to lose weight…until now.

NutriPex TM "Lap Band in a Bottle"

Derived from an Asian yam root purified in a laboratory, NutriPex TM is an all-natural supplement that forms a gel-like substance when it is ingested and comes in contact with water to lower the pH in your stomach.


Find out more about NutriPex TM Weight Loss Supplement.

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"After having children, my weight had gotten out of control. I started going to the gym, but needed a little something more. I heard about nutri-medical, and thought I would give it a try. I lost 18 pounds the first month. The coaches are AWESOME and have great advice daily. They keep you on track and motivated. I would recommend this program to anyone."

-Meredith McDaniel

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