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Optima XH Fast Weight Loss Program - Dallas Weight LossSlim Image Weight Loss Visualization Tool Free With Consulatation
NutriPex Medical Weight Loss Supplement by BaroSolutions has been proven to be an extremely successful weight loss remedy.
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Optima XH: 4-Week Rapid Loss

Safe, Powerful, Medical Weight Loss with Custom BioNutritional Profile

This condensed program is for those looking to jump-start their health reclamation. Clients enrolling in phase one of this program are usually focused on an upcoming event, such as a wedding, reunion, or other important life event. Later phases transition clients to long-term weight stabilization and wellness.

  • 4-week supply of NutriPex TM Supplement
  • 4-week supply of Carb Blocker XR
  • 24 hour access to your Personal Nutritional Coach (PNC) via live chat
  • 4 weeks of personalized online weight loss coaching
  • Access to “BaroSolutions Online Weight Loss," an online weight loss community with tracking tools monitored by your own Personal Nutritional Coach (mobile access available)
  • BioNutritional Profile - Learn why you haven't been able to lose weight
  • Includes the BaroSolutions - eCookbook. "Your Best Year Ever - 365 Recipes under 300 Calories"
  • Also Includes the BaroSolutions "Simple Solutions - 10 Day Cleanse and Detox Protocol"
  • Targeted mini-physical and Biometric analysis
  • 2 nutritional life coaching sessions
  • Comprehensive nutritional history, intake, and evaluation with a lifestyle and environmental assessment
  • Daily exercise and diet plan matched to your BioNutritional Profile body type.
  • Now Includes SlimImage, advanced weight loss imaging technology that shows you in advance how you'll look 20, 30, even 50 pounds lighter!
  • New Phase One - Day by Day Meal Plan with Grocery List and Calorie Counts
  • Comprehensive progress assessment¬†

Three Phase Weight Loss Program:

Phase 1: In this phase, clients can expect to lose 20-30 pounds if fully compliant with program.

Phase 2: Clients can expect to continue their target weight loss goal while transitioning into maintenance. Clients in Phase Two are reanalyzed to determine what BioNutritional Profile fits them best at this point in their journey.

Phase 3: In this phase, clients may continue a weight loss goal as needed while focusing on a long-term wellness plan. Clients in Phase Three are reanalyzed to determine what BioNutritional Profile fits them best for long-term success. The Optima XH weight loss program uses potent, all-natural treatment modalities to achieve significant weight loss.

Pricing Options (Financing Available):

Optima XH

CareCredit Healthcare Financing Available! BaroSolutions is now offering financing options through Care Credit.

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