BaroSolutions Dallas, TX Weight Loss Clinic

The highest rated wellness and weight loss clinic in Dallas, TX.

BaroSolutions Wellness and Weight Loss is a science based medical weight loss clinic offering personalized weight loss programs and diets to fit your body type and your weight loss goals at Weight loss clinic Dallas. Our Dallas weight loss programs are actively managed by our professional weight loss coaches at clinics in dallas with extensive nutritional and weight loss experience. At BaroSolutions Weight Loss in Dallas, TX we are with you every step of the way to make sure you reach your weight loss goals!

Overweight? Looking to lose 10, lose 20 or even lose 30 pounds...

Our Dallas Weight Loss programs focus on weight loss, permanent change, and life-long wellness. Many of our weight loss programs in clinics dallas are custom tailored for your exact biochemistry and needs to maximize your fast weight loss results. Lose up to 1 Pound a Day with some of our medical weight loss programs in clinics dallas.

BaroSolutions Weight Loss in Dallas, TX can help you lose that unwanted belly fat, or provide surgical alternative to dangerous and risky weight loss surgeries like gastric bypass, lap band, or a gastric sleeve.

BaroSolutions Weight losses in Dallas also carry their own brand of weight loss pills to aid in natural fast weight loss. Ranging from craving reducers to maximum strength fat burners, cleanse and detox, water weight reducers, other weight loss pills and dietary supplements.

Sherry Hammond (Before and After Success Stories)

I have been with the BaroSolutions program, actively participating since August 17, 2011, and I cannot tell you how happy I am. I have lost over 30 pounds, and more than 20% of of my total body weight and have done so in less than three months! I love the website, the accountability, and the support of my Coach. At 61 years of age, with a middle-age spread that had been haunting me since my late 40's , I never thought that I would be back down to the weight I had in my 20's. Now I am on a Maintenance plan and have been given an outstanding meal plan and an exercise plan to keep me in shape, and even now, I am still losing some of those final unwanted pounds. I look good and I feel great. The programs that BaroSolutions offer are awesome.

-Sherry Hammond

No Two People are the Same. Why should their weight loss be?

Over a decade of research by physicians, nutritionists, dieticians, doctors and behavioral scientists, has gone into developing a break-through method of finding out why you have not been able to lose weight…until now.

Experience the difference at BaroSolutions with our science based weight loss with personalized attention using our BioNutritional Profile to custom match your with the right weight loss program. BaroSolutions has weight loss clinics in Dallas, TX and all over the United States, and Canada, so be sure to check our locations page to find a wellness and weight loss clinic nearest you.